Power Monitoring & Analysis
We provide customize solution for real time monitoring such as phasor, power quality, energy, environment, process, asset and, etc. 
Our main product is PQube 3's family to learn more you can read our blog or contact us for the details. However, you can leave a message our staff will in touch with you immediately . At the bottom you will find some of customer who rely on us.
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About Us
Who are we !!
Truewatts Ltd. is established by specialists and professional engineers who have extensive experiences in energy and power quality circles for several years. Our identity is an expert engineering consulting company serving wide ranges of services in energy and power quality disciplines.  We aim to enable customers to improve the Power Quality & Energy of their facilities and power networks utilizing innovative technologies.
Our product
  • Power Quality Analyzer: high-speed, revenue-grade power analyzers measure, identify, and record all power quality disturbance, and environmental process parameter data in real-time
  • Power quality sensor detector for sags, swells, interruptions, and impulses
  • Technology for wide area measurement and control to understand complex and dynamic power grid applications in utility distribution grids and microgrids
  • Technology for Semi-Conductor manufacturers to achieve SEMI F47 compliance
  • Authorized partner with Power Side
Our service
  • Provide a monitoring system for power quality, energy, asset, process, and etc.
  • In-site Power Quality and Energy Monitoring
  • On-site Power Quality and Energy Monitoring
  • Power quality & Energy measuring Service
  • Power quality & Energy data analysis
“serving wide ranges of services in energy and power quality disciplines”
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 INFO@TRUEWATTS.CO.TH  |  Tel: (+662) 1846-023 ,  (+666) 4409-6362
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