Electric vehicle charging station, ac/dc simultaneously monitoring - PQube3

Updated: May 15, 2021

  • Get real-time situation awareness of your ev-charging station, remote monitoring asset and gain inside visibility, performance, and impact of ev-charging station to your power system

  • Gain event detection of any disturbances and report immediately via email

  • Gain daily, weekly and monthly report of your ev-charging station from instrument itself and deliver to your mail box

  • Enable your monitoring system to be a troubleshooting tool when needed

  • and much more!

EV chargers can be damaged or disrupted by power disturbances all over the world. Your PQube3 is the ideal “aircraft black box” for recording every type of power disturbance, logging the waveforms, and emailing them to you. Or you can extract them with a standard USB thumb drive – in either case, no software is required. You can even use your low-cost PQube3 to record DC voltages and currents – 30,000 samples per second is standard — providing independent confirmation of charger performance, and cross-triggered DC disturbances. It records temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, earthquakes, and mechanical jolts, too

Or you can use PQUbe3 for grid code compliance, PQube3 is PEA, MEA approved brand for grid interconnect.

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