Remote fire pump set monitoring, testing and maintenance check list - PQube3

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

  • Is the fire pump critical?

  • Is it ready for the mission?

  • How hard to do routine check, testing and document it?

  • Require to verify power supply condition?

  • Make sure your fire pump system meet requirement of NFPA

Fire pump system remote monitoring and preventive maintenance parameters

  • Voltage

  • Amperage

  • Battery voltage on the diesel engine

  • Pressure

  • Flow

  • Electric motor and diesel engine condition

  • Ambient, and etc.

Feature & benefits

  • Get all the power quality parameters of your supply according to IEC 61000 - 4 - 30 class A

  • Get verification of fire pump set to meet requirement of NFPA

  • Get the energy usage parameters at your fire pump system

  • Get the drive and motor health in control and can verify the drives condition

  • Get all the environment parameters

  • Get the email alert, daily, weekly, and monthly report with ready to use information

  • Gain data recording during the test and PQube can document you to your email box

  • Gain remote monitoring of your fire pump system and view anywhere in the world on mobile, tablet or pc

  • Gain visibility inside fire pump system, drive, motor health, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and asset management

  • And much more!

The multiple PQube3 can be implement and connect to your corporates network. The data can be push to on premise on your corporates network or on cloud.

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