Intelligent panel by PQube3 & groov System

Intelligent Panel..We make panel intelligent with PQube 3 and groov System...

- Best in class of power analysis & iiot: Flexible feature for cost effective solution - Power quality: Fully power monitoring & analysis IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Edition 3 - Energy management: Energy consumption, energy efficiency, reactive energy, load shedding, demand response, and, etc. - Environment: Temp, pressure, vibration, humidity, and, etc. - Protective integration: Integrate to protection system for monitoring and diagnostic - Upstream to transformer and downstream to any sources/loads: Transformer, ats & backup generator, ups, battery, renewable energy, mv/lv drive, motor, pump fan ant etc. - Reliability & maintenance management: Enable condition monitoring for predictive maintenance - Data your choices: Edge, on premise or cloud – view on any devices and much more!

Thank you: TRUEWATTS CO., LTD - Powerside & Opto 22 partners

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