Pqube 3: power quality, energy, transformer health - efficiency and environment monitoring

Updated: May 9, 2021

  • Have you ever wonder about your supply quality?

  • How about my energy use and can I save it?

  • How about my transformer health and its performance?

  • How about the environment in the MDB or Switchgear panel?

The Pqube 3 power analyzer can answer you all those questions. The ideal of this application is to install the PQube 3 at your MDB or Switchgear panel on the LV side of the transformer to captures all power quality and energy parameters from your existing CTs. Use the benefits of embedded analog input to captures the transformer parameters such as temperature, pressure, oil level, vibration and conductivity. Extend the capability by added dual voltage module to enable dual power in PQube 3, connected to PTs and CTs that you already have or install a new one if needed then you can get all power quality and energy on the HV side of the transformer. Use ENV2 sensor that come with four parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure and 3-axis vibration in one sensor to capture the environment in the cabinet.

Now, with PQube 3 you can:

  • Get all the power quality parameters of your supply according to IEC 61000 - 4 - 30 class A

  • Get the energy usage parameters at your MDB or Switchgear up to revenue class (depending on your CTs class)

  • Get the transformer health in control and can verify the losses in the transformer

  • Get all the environment parameters in your cabinet

  • Get the email alert and daily, weekly, and monthly report with ready to use information

  • Gain remote monitoring of your MDB and transformer and view anywhere in the world on mobile, tablet or pc

  • Gain visibility inside your facility power system, transformer health, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and asset management

The multiple PQube3 can be implement and connect to your corporates network. The data can be push to on premise on your corporates network or on cloud.

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