Renewable energy by PQube3

Updated: Jan 1

How can PQube3 helps Thailand’s renewable energy industry?...
  • Benefits.... Grid code compliance: full power quality analysis IEC 61000 – 4 – 30 class A edition 3 PEA, and MEA approved Monitor up to four of three phase sources Power flow sensor for zero export control Monitor environment: temp, pressure, humidity, vibration, and shock Automatic report on event, daily, weekly, and monthly via email or social app IoT ready (Options are available) And much more!

  • Extra benefits... Wind turbine condition, ESS, underground cable, and transformer health monitoring Switchgear monitoring Weather monitoring Enable condition base monitoring for predictive maintenance Protective relay interfacing Local alarm And much more Choices is yours!

  • When troubleshooting is required!... PQube3 will continuous monitor 24/7/365, on-line or off-line analysis It’s capturing any anomaly on the system Easy to identify root cause of problem (RCA) It’s monitor critical assets in the system It’s multi-function device and worth more than you can imagine!...

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