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Our Data as a Service solution is designed to provide you with the necessary tools to monitor and analyze your industrial data efficiently. Our platform allows you to access real-time data, giving you insights into your operations and equipment performance. With our service, you can improve your industrial process by identifying inefficiencies and taking proactive measures to optimize your systems. Our team of experts provides ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring that your data is secure and accessible when you need it. With Data as a Service, you can improve your operations, reduce downtime, and increase profitability.

Data as a Service

  • Data as a Service (DaaS) is a business model where data is made available on demand and regardless of the consumer’s location or infrastructure³. Here are some key features of DaaS:

    1. Data Source Abstraction: DaaS abstracts the underlying data sources, providing a unified view of data from different providers.

    2. Aggregation of Data Providers: It aggregates data from multiple providers, enhancing the richness and diversity of the data.

    3. Reuse: DaaS promotes reuse of data across different applications, making it a cost-effective solution.

    4. Alignment with Logical Data Models: DaaS aligns with logical data models, ensuring consistency and reliability of data.

    5. Support for Multiple Service Versions: It supports multiple versions of services, ensuring backward compatibility.

    6. Value-Added Features: DaaS provides value-added features such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, and data visualization.

    7. Single Point of Interaction: It provides a single point of interaction for accessing and managing data.

    8. Data Integration: DaaS integrates data from different sources, providing a holistic view of the data.

    9. Data Security: DaaS providers ensure the security of data, protecting it from unauthorized access.

    10. Versatility: DaaS is versatile and can support both relational databases (including MySQL and PostgreSQL) and NoSQL databases (including MongoDB and Apache CouchDB).

    11. Intelligence: DaaS leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to derive insights from data.

    12. Database Service: DaaS is a database service built and accessed through a cloud platform.

    13. Automated Maintenance: The providers automatically handle the data and keep everything fresh.

    14. Personalized Services: Having more data allows for better-tailored marketing strategies.

    15. Lower Costs: Purchasing relevant data is more cost-effective than buying a huge dataset with excessive information that requires staff in order to be processed.

    These features make DaaS a strategic investment for consolidating and organizing enterprise data in one place, then making it available to serve new and existing digital initiatives.

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