Very High Performance Shunt



  • Withstands surges of up to 5x rated current for 10 seconds
  • Enables high channel count and matches dynamic range of NI-9205 cRIO digitizer
  • ±100mV RMS output voltage for a ±5A RMS input current
  • DC to 40kHz range of operation. Customizable 2nd order output low-pass filter
  • Industrial grade casing
  • EasyConnect interfacing modules simplify and reduce cost of high channel count setups



Verivolt Encore is designed to perform a 4 wire current measurement. Particular attention was paid on providing a solution that minimizes cost and improves overall performance on distributed systems such as substations, building monitoring, power distribution systems, etc. The Encore C series covers the ranges of ±1mA, ±2mA, ±3mA, ±5mA, ±100mA, ±200mA, ±300mA, ±500mA, ±1A, ±2A, ±3A, ±4A and ±5A, with bandwidth of up to 50MHz and 0.1% accuracy.