Entube QE

Three-phase plus neutral Voltage Divider




  • Up to ±1500V input range on each terminal (line-to-line or line-to-neutral)
  • ±0.2V to ±10V output range (differential plus common mode)
  • DC to 50kHz frequency spectrum of operation
  • No power supply needed
  • 4000V withstanding surge voltage for 5 seconds
  • Designed for interfacing with differential input DAQs




The Entube-QE series is designed for high quality three-phase measurements plus neutral in a very compact form factor without need for power supplies. This series covers the ranges from ±50V to ±1500V, with up to 85kHz bandwidth and 0.2% accuracy.

The Entube-QE sensor operates as a differential divider network with an anti-aliasing filter on its output. It generates a ±5V or ±10V scaled down version of the line-to-line voltage on its input terminals. 

This signal can then be processed by most computer based measurement platforms.


One Entube-QE replaces 4 sensors, and only requires one cable for all four signals. This allows for very high channel densities, while delivering high performance for a low cost.

Entube QE