Entube TE

Three-Phase Voltage divider



  • Up to ±1500V input range on each terminal (line-to-line and line-to-ground)
  • ±0.2V to ±10V output range (differential plus common mode)
  • DC to 50kHz frequency spectrum of operation
  • No power supply needed 
  • Designed for interfacing with differential input DAQs




The Entube-TE series is designed for three-phase measurements in a compact form factor without need for power supplies. This product covers the ranges from ±50V to ±1500V, with up to 85kHz bandwidth depending on input range.  The high linearity components and smart design deliver better than 0.2% accuracy for properly matched DAQ input impedance.

As the output ranges are ±5V or ±10V this signal can then be processed by most data acquisition devices.

One Entube-TE could replace up to 3 sensors, and only requires one cable for all three signals. This allows for high channel density, while delivering high performance for a low cost.
Because these devices are based on the principles of voltage dividers the primary and secondary ultimately end up sharing the same ground and engineers should be mindful of ground loops or ground faults. They are a great option to measurements of transformers' signals as these signals are already isolated and do not pose a risk of substantial ground shifts.

Entube TE