groov Server for Windows gives you visualization into your system with groov View, Opto 22’s web-based Internet of Things (IoT) and operator interface tool that is simple, mobile, and connects easily to automation systems, software, databases, and devices of all kinds.

You build your groov View interface—your own custom application—using any computer with a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE10). No programming or coding is required. You can mix devices, equipment, and data from different sources in the same interface if you wish. There are no user or tag limits. The pages you build are served to authorized users through groov Server for Windows.

The interface you build can be used on any brand computer or device with a web browser—even a web-enabled HDTV. Or you can view the same interface on an Apple or Android mobile device with the free groov View app.


groov View includes trending, events, and user notifications. You control authorized users (both human and software) and their credentials. 

GROOV-SVR-WIN-BASE is installed on a Microsoft Windows computer (see Specifications for details) and runs as a service. The groov View software is stored and served on the Windows PC.

GROOV-SVR-WIN-BASE provides a groov Base license, which lets you monitor and control one or more of the following:

  • Modbus/TCP devices
  • Opto 22 groov EPIC processors and SNAP PAC controllers (SNAP PAC R-series, S-series, and SoftPAC)
  • Opto 22 SNAP PAC I/O units (with an EB-series brain or R-series rack-mounted controller)
  • groov Data Stores (databases, cloud services, and APIs can write data to or read data from Data Stores)
  • OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring units

No intermediary servers or protocol converters are required.

groov Server