IsoBlock V-4c

Voltage Sensor Module with Galvanic Isolation



  • 3 Way Galvanic isolation
  • 1,500V sustained and 5,000V peak isolation (1 min)
  • DC to 100kHz Bandwidth
  • Simple setup
  • Drop in Voltage Sensing to channel isolation to any DAQ
  • DIN rail fixturing for fast setup




The IsoBlock V module has been designed to provide high-quality isolated differential voltage measurements for applications requiring scaling of high voltages, as well as superior isolation.

Each IsoBlock V unit hosts four separate isolated channels, each of which can be connected to separate measurement sources while providing a range of functional coverage up to 1500V. The input of each specific IsoBlock V channel has its own isolated reference, and can be configured to suit user needs. All processed signals output from the IsoBlock V unit are referenced in respect to the ground channel of the user’s data acquisition system.

Verivolt designs its IsoBlock V modules with consideration for user great flexibility, high channel-density and low power consumption.

IsoBlock V-4c