WAMS package for utilities, substation, university and microgrids.

The electric power industry has been using EMS-SCADA technology for over 50 years. The industry is rapidly adopting the next generation technology for wide area measurement systems using Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) which provide high-resolution and time-synchronized data typically at 25 or 50 frames/second for 50 Hz systems and 30 or 60 frames/second for 60 Hz system. This high resolution and time synchronized data provides grid managers, control center operators, engineers with capability to monitor grid performance and reliability at transmission level, distribution level and micro-grids by monitoring, visualizing and analyzing power system dynamics that cannot be obtained from the traditional SCADA/EMS system. PMU technology use is growing worldwide and provides applications and use cases, including:


  • • Oscillation Monitoring, Detection & Root Cause Diagnostics
  • • Grid Stress – Phase Angle Monitoring for Wide Area Situational Awareness and Grid Stability
  • • Event Root Cause Analysis for Real Time System Vulnerability Assessment
  • • Islanding Detection and Resynchronization
  • • Model Validation
  • • Event Mining to identify events by type, location, severity to guide planning and operations
  • • Frequency Response Analysis
  • • Renewables Integration
  • • Distribution and Micro-grid performance and analysis
  • • Fault Analysis