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Introducing our Power Protection system, designed to safeguard your facility from hazardous electrical incidents. Our system provides advanced arc flash protection, detecting and extinguishing electrical arcs before they can cause harm or damage. Our relay protection also ensures that your system remains stable and operational, protecting against sudden power outages or surges. With our Power Protection system, you can rest assured that your facility and equipment are protected from potential electrical hazards. Contact us today to learn more about our state-of-the-art protection solutions.

Power Protection Solution

  • Power protection solutions are designed to safeguard electrical devices from power problems such as power outages, voltage fluctuations, and power surges. Here are some key features of power protection solutions:

    1. Best in class energy efficiency: This means the solution has a very low cost of ownership.
    2. Highly reliable modular redundant designs: These designs can scale with your business and maximize availability¹.
    3. Small footprint in design: This saves valuable floor space.
    4. Protection against all power failures, voltage regulation, power factor correction, and harmonics: This ensures a continuous clean electrical supply.
    5. Autonomous operations: Automated discovery and protection of databases, virtual machines, file systems, and Kubernetes containers.
    6. Multicloud optimized: Extend protection with backup to cloud, backup in-cloud, long-term retention, and cloud disaster recovery.

    These features help to ensure that your power supply is stable and reliable, protecting your devices and data from potential damage caused by power problems. It's important to choose a power protection solution that fits your specific needs and requirements.

    Ranges of products, solutions and options. Please feels free to talk to us!

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