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Maximizing Grid Efficiency: The Importance of Real-Time Monitoring and Protection

Maximizing Grid Efficiency: The Importance of Real-Time Monitoring and Protection

Real time monitoring

Real-time grid monitoring and protection is a crucial aspect of modern power systems. It involves the use of advanced technologies to monitor and measure the flow of electricity across the power grid in real-time, identify and respond to issues as they arise, and prevent costly and inconvenient outages. One such technology is the phasor measurement unit (PMU), which has been widely adopted in modern power systems to improve protection issues and challenges1. PMUs can be used for various applications such as state estimation, phase angle monitoring, power oscillation monitoring, voltage stability monitoring, fault detection, and cyberattack identification.

The implementation of PMUs in power systems has been a significant advancement in real-time grid monitoring and protection. However, there are some challenges that come with the implementation of PMUs. One of the main challenges is selecting suitable locations for PMU placement. Another challenge is integrating synchro phasor technology with SCADA.

Another example of real-time monitoring is the use of continuous security monitoring which allows for the automation of security monitoring in a business. It provides real-time visibility into a number of parts of the business, such as checking for cyber threats, any vulnerabilities in the system, and any security misconfigurations that have taken place .


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