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Smart Distribution Systems: Introducing the Single-Phase (micro)Phasor Measurement Unit

Smart Distribution Systems: Introducing the Single-Phase Phasor Measurement Unit

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  1. Resolution and Accuracy: μPMUs claim a capability of micro-second resolution and milli-degree accuracy, which is 100 times the resolution of traditional transmission-type PMU2. This makes μPMUs extremely useful for distribution systems and microgrids.

  2. Usage: PMUs have been used for several years to record information on power system, especially in transmission system. Their ability to synchronize to Global Positioning System (GPS) time, enables them to make accurate measurements of angle differences2. However, due to their cost and the small angle differences they are rarely used in distribution system.

  3. Cost: μPMUs can be created more cheaply than current commercial PMUs.

  4. Sampling Rate: A typical commercial PMU can report measurements with very high temporal resolution, up to 120 measurements per second. On the other hand, a μPMU measures time-synchronized voltage and phase angle at high sample rates ~30/s for transmission and 120/s for distribution.

Implementing and installing μPMUs involves several steps and considerations:




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